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Self Care & Balance

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Self Care and Balance

Use Self-Care to Mitigate Stressors, Anxiety, Discouragement or Burnout.

Self-care during the dissertation process is essential. The ups and downs inherent in the day-to-day learning process can quickly wear you down. Learning-related setbacks can chip away at your self-esteem and negatively affect your study habits. Emotional exhaustion can make you even more vulnerable to negative events and feedback (Bullock et al, 2017). Without compassionate self-care, you risk burning yourself out.


Regular self-care allows you to create more positive experiences, improve your self-esteem, and calm your soul. You'll keep your eye on the bigger picture while being gentle to yourself each step of the way. 


Self-care can involve active problem solving, such as using cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to assess and change thinking and behaviors. Self-help CBT therapies and tools are available online. Self-care can also involve self-acceptance practices that encourage relaxation and restoration of the body and mind. These practices use meditations, yoga, guided imagery or self-hypnosis to create resilience, awareness, rest and balance.


Use Self-Care to Mitigate Burnout

Daily app uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help change emotions. Helps track your mood, provides motivation to restructure your thoughts, focus on affirmations and assess your coping styles. Free with ads. Android.

Self Mood Diary
Get Mood Diary

Creates space to identify and record thoughts and moods. The app suggests techniques to challenge and change thinking patterns. Free with ads. Subscription available. Find this on your iPhone in your App Store.

CBT Thought Diary
Get Thought Diary


Relax & Restore for Balance & Endurance 

Extensive classes, music, guided meditations to train your brain to improve sleep, stress, anxiety and self-compassion. Can sort meditations by length, type, sounds, voices. Good way to help yourself set the day aside and enter into deep, healing sleep. Over 3000 teachers and 80K guided meditations. You’ll find teachers and lessons to make your dissertation journey easier. Free or Subscription.

Insight Timer
Get Insight Timer

Simple ways to apply simple wisdom to complex life challenges. Posts are written by the community for the community via submission guidelines. Submissions are vetted to make sure they are practical, thought-provoking, and actionable. Free. Has a bookstore.

Tiny Buddha
Get Tiny Buddha
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