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How to Apply

How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in the Doctoral Achievement Program. The initial steps to begin your doctoral degree completion journey are simple and easy to complete.


Please provide us with your basic contact information. It only takes a minute and your information will be kept strictly confidential. It will not be shared with anyone.


Next, fill out our short application form to begin the application process.


Please begin to gather the additional items you'll need to complete your application (see below). These include transcript submissions and references. These items will complete the documents needed for the admission process.

We practice a rolling admission process with registrations starting on the first of each month.

If you have any questions, please call +1-732-793-4200 |8:00 AM - 8:00 PM US Eastern Standard Time. 



Application Materials

Application Materials


Transfer Credits


The Doctoral Achievement Program uses the standards of the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), the largest regional accrediting organization, to determine how many credits you can transfer. The standard number of credits needed for a doctoral degree is sixty credits.  Our program course structure will provide you with seven courses of six credits, each for a total of forty-two credits.  You may then transfer eighteen credits from your previous program. This program is not accredited by the HLC but uses it as the accepted standard.



You will need to submit copies of your transcripts from all previous institutions for review and consideration. Please have these ready to upload into the application.


Resume/Curriculum Vitae

You will also need to upload a current copy of your resume/curriculum vitae into the application. This is important for us to review to get a complete understanding of your background and experiences.


Writing Sample 

To best assess your readiness for the Doctoral Achievement Program, we require you to submit a doctoral-level paper that you authored in one of your previous doctoral courses.  The criteria used to evaluate the paper are the following:

1.     Uses APA formatting.

2.     The primary objective of the paper is readily understood.

3.     Evidence is provided for statements and claims in the paper.

4.     The analysis incorporates and integrates evidence in creating meaning.

5.     Proper grammar and mechanics effectively communicate meaning.

6.     The document has a conclusion that derives logically from the text.


Assessment of your paper will be used to ensure that you are prepared to meet the writing requirements of the Doctoral Achievement Program.

Minimum GPA 

The minimum GPA in the previous doctoral program should be at least a 2.5 on a 4.0 scale or equivalent.


Preliminary Prospectus (if Completed) 

If your previous doctoral program used the prospectus approach (sometimes referred to as a Conceptualization Document) to the dissertation and you finished it, please provide a copy of it.  Please indicate the degree to which you believe you will pursue this topic in your doctoral studies with the Doctoral Achievement Program.

Three Academic or Professional References 

Please provide three academic or professional letters of reference that attest to your academic ability, professional readiness, and personal character. These can be listed directly in the application.

Essays & Interview


Essays & Interview


Two Short Essays 

As part of your application, we will ask for two essays. In the first essay, explain your doctoral journey to date. Include your perspective on the experiences and issues that affected your initial attempt at completing your doctoral degree.

In the second essay, tell us in detail what has changed. Describe your current situation and why you are ready to restart and complete your doctoral degree journey.


Admissions Interview 

Each applicant will participate in an admissions interview with the academic officials of the program.  The focus of the interview will be to explore your interest in the program, your proposed direction of study, and any particular needs to consider to ensure your success. This interview is an informal and informative conversation. We want to establish a mutual understanding of the program and its expectations to ensure the successful completion of your doctoral degree.

Alignment of Previous Doctoral Work 

In the initial application process and interview, we will explore ways to connect your previous scholarly work to your doctoral research. Perhaps you were working on a topic or forming a preliminary research plan or method.  Be prepared to explore ways to connect what you’ve already done with what you want to do moving forward.


Technology & Platform Requirements

Broadband Internet

A fast internet connection ensures that you can navigate through our Learner Management System (LMS) quickly and efficiently. Our LMS is provided through a service called Populi. You may see this name often when navigating within our system. If you're out-and-about, a mobile device with a data connection (4G, 5G, or LTE) or your typical coffee shop Wi-fi connection will usually function.


A Modern, Updated Web Browser

Our LMS runs on up-to-date releases of popular web browsers. Most web browsers have some sort of auto-update function, so you may never even need to think about this part. However, using a modern web browser won't just benefit your LMS use—it's one of the best things you can do for your overall internet security!

Here are the browsers we recommend for use with our LMS. If a browser is not listed here, don't use it for our LMS! Again, always try to use the most recent version possible—as companies release newer versions of browsers, they usually drop support for older versions.

PC or Mac:

  • Google Chrome is probably the best option if you're using Windows. It's also very good for Mac users. FIRST CHOICE of browsers.

  • Mozilla Firefox is another good choice on Windows computers (works okay on Macs, too).

  • Apple Safari is great on Macs. Not so much on Windows.

  • Last and certainly least, Internet Explorer. Mac users can't download it! If you're using Windows 10, they're encouraging you to use Microsoft Edge, which will also work. 


Mobile Browsers:

  • iOS Safari does well, as does Google Chrome for iOS.

  • The stock Android browser works, as does Chrome for Android.

  • The Firefox browsers for both iOS and Android aren't problematic.

  • Microsoft Edge (mentioned above) is baked-in to Windows 10 devices and works with Populi; the version of Internet Explorer in Windows 8.1 also functions.


If you like to tinker with your browser settings, make sure to enable Javascript and cookies. Ad-blockers don't pose any problems for the most part, but if you do experiment with those, make sure to list our LMS (Populi) as an approved site.


Other Common Applications

You can use the Doctoral Achievement Program LMS to export all files. The three most common are spreadsheets, PDFs, and word processing documents. Most computers have the software you need to open these files, but in case yours doesn't:

  • Open Office can open spreadsheets and documents (we use it to generate files for custom page layouts).

  • Adobe Acrobat reader handles PDF files. If for some reason, you have to use an old version, the oldest one that works is version 6.


All written documents are expected to be submitted in Microsoft Word document format.



The LMS is easiest to use if your monitor is set at a minimum resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels. This is not something most users with a modern computer or monitor need to worry about.


The above standards are some of the basic “need to know” items you will need to get started. Please have these ready for both your application and your interview.

Technologies & Platforms
Costs & Financing
Faded photo of coins and bills behind text.


Costs & Pricing

This program is about getting you finished.  You may notice when you go to the websites of programs like ours that it is difficult to find the cost of the program. Our goal in creating this program was to provide an affordable path for you to finish your doctorate. While financial revenue is not the driving force in creating this opportunity, we must also cover our costs.


Consistent with this mission the program is priced at approximately $16,500.  We have a number of payment options. 

For Questions on payment options and financial aid please contact Bill Reed at


Do You Have Questions?

Visit our FAQ page:
Talk with a mentor and see if our Doctoral Achievement Program is right for you:
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