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The Washington Center for Management and Leadership was established in 1990 in Mercer Island (Seattle), Washington.  The company is a networked organization that works in the public, private, academic-higher education sector, and non-profit sectors. 

The Washington Center for Management and Leadership is a client focused organization that designs programs to the clients’ needs.  Programs integrate a mixture of knowledge-based seminars and field experiences to provide the participant with a current and complete understanding of the subject matter.  Field activities and events, where appropriate are used to enhance the participations experience and understanding of the context of the subject matter.

The WCML is directed by Lorelei M. Robinson, President, Gary D. Robinson, PhD, Director and Magdy Hussein, PhD, Associate Director.

  It has a wide portfolio of consultants across a broad spectrum of disciplines.

Business Discussion


Increase the capacity of private, public, and non-governmental organizations though the
use  of world class management, leadership, and cybersecurity knowledge and methods.
Magdy Hussein
Ph.D. Chief Learning Officer (CLO)

Dr. Hussein is the awarded Official Judge by CLO Magazine, a fellow with the Quarterly Franklin by London Press and a scholar in Organization Design.  Dr. Hussein is an entrepreneurial executive consultant who blends the academic foundation with the field solution. He believes in science and statistics when it comes to evaluating client’s needs and demands. He offers the clients solutions based on 25 years of engineering experience along with his academic and scholarly achievements". 

Lorelei, M. Robinson
President. M.A.

Studies, Urban Planning. Consultant on philanthropic ventures ranging from less than a million to $10 million.  Leader of executive training in the US for high ranking officials of the Ministry of Administration of the Republic of Korea.  Leader of program for high level officials of the Ministry of Economy and Communication of the Republic of Indonesia.  Community activist instrumental in library and park preservation.

Gary D. Robinson
Chief Operations Officer Ph.D.

Dr. Robinson (Gary) has an eclectic background.  He is an internationalist and has worked or lived in over 55 countries in the corporate, non-profit and public sector.  Parameters of accomplishment in the corporate sector include comprehensive restructuring of 3500 non-management finance staff, later expanded companywide to 35,000 staff.   Led an inter-company consortium of five of the largest aerospace contractors in contract compliance and ethics.  Developed and implemented strategy for company-wide self-governance and integrity training program. Developed and managed training of 25,000 employees on defense contracting issues. Reduced unemployment compensation from $1 billion by $40 million the first year and more in succeeding years.. International Development: Managed a multi-million loan for reform of the Secretariat of Health and Social Services of the Dominican Republic.  Evaluation of Health Sector Reform Initiative in Peru, Honduras and the Dominican Republic.  Developed management effectiveness program for the Middle East (Syria, Jordan and Egypt). Worked with the WHO Deputy Director-General and the Core Group on WHO Reform in analyzing and implementation of reform activities at WHO headquarters, regional and country levels.  Responsible for Peace Corps programs in Central America and the Dominican Republic.  Higher Education: Developed and launched three doctoral programs of business;  member of Governance boards of four institutions of higher learning. Non-Profit: Developed and Led a program in Child Rights in Latin America.


James Morgan

35 years of experience in facilitating growth strategy development with more than 250 organizations.  Formerly a Senior Manager at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, he is now Managing Partner of Strategy Dynamics (SDI), an international Strategic Management consulting firm He directs client engagements in Best Practices of strategy and execution and achieves an 82% strategic plan execution compared to a global rate between 25-30%. Dr. Morgan facilitates critical and creative ITB™ strategic planning and execution workshops that empower business leaders with 3 year clear growth strategies and 3 year execution plans. Clients represent all major industries; San Francisco to New York, Paris to Shanghai. A sampling of past and present clients: and insurance, Bank of the West, BioNano Genetics, CA Technologies, California Walnut Board/Commission, CDFA, CPP, Inc., Diamond Foods, Don Sebastiani & Sons, enphase energy, GeneOhm Sciences, Kirby Risk, KHK Pharmaceuticals, LMI Aerospace, Medtronic, Microsoft China, MSquared Consulting, NetApp, Illinois CancerCare, Partek, Peju Winery, Predictive Biosciences, Rogan Plastics, St. Jude Medical, Tectronics, TFE, USAA.

Drumm McNaughton

Renowned leader and pioneer in strategic management and change, and an expert in higher education governance, accreditation, crisis recovery, and leadership. Chair Emeritus and a Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants USA (FIMC), and a Governance Fellow of the National Association of Corporate Directors.  A higher education innovator, strategic management pioneer, merger/acquisition specialist, accreditation/turnaround expert, and governance professional. He has stimulated transformation and propelled double-digit growth in higher education institutions with startups to Fortune 500 companies. He has lived, worked/traveled in over 50 countries over the past 19 years.  Sample engagements include The Master's University and Seminary, King Saud, Fortune 500 companies such as Dell Computer and DuPont, CEO of the U.S. standards body for management consultants; American Board of Orthodontics and Tennessee Dental Association; and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. He served in the U.S. Navy as a Mission and Aircraft Commander for Navy reconnaissance aircraft.

Mamoun Samaha
Ph.D. Director, I.T. Systems

International Technological University (C.A.).  Experienced in Enterprise Solutions & Products Architect| Secure Mobile Product Experience. Previously I.T. lead, Products expert, CTO Evangelist, Architect in Mobility, DATA, A.I. and IoT, Wireless Chief of Technologies and Solutions Architect & Lead developer.  He is known for leading key advancement in Enterprise technologies, theories, and techniques essential to accomplishing business objectives, most notably in mobility, security, synchronization, and consumerization of I.T., A.D., home networking, enterprise cost reduction and mobile risk management. Extensive background in product management and products experience, Program Management, and in architecting and development of software applications, cloud, and Mobile platforms, Application development, Native, Hybrid, HTML 5, web services, Mobility, Wireless and I.T. Solutions, AI/ ML with Tensorflow, Game design, Blockchain.  Has worked in various roles but ultimately as Enterprise Chief Technology Officer for Motorola Mobility/Google, and Wireless and as wireless and mobility Chief Technology officer and Mobility Architect/strategist  and software architect and Corporate I.T. and Application Development Organization Architect and Technology Strategist for Hewlett Packard.

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